As industry leaders, we leverage our of depth of experience to provide specialist project services to ensure that even the most complex of requirements are suitably planned and executed.

We can assist in the management of diverse projects including:

  • Over dimensional cargo: Co-ordinating both import and export packing and deliveries for over-height, over-width and over-weight loads
  • Large shipments: Project management of bulk volumes and all logistical requirements, including collection, storage, quarantine treatment, packing / unpacking and delivery
  • Events: Time critical, high volume one-off shipments. Our projects include international concerts and events, industrial production line importation and major international sporting events
  • International pre-despatch cargo inspections: Experienced Stevenson Logistics personnel are available to view goods and equipment and provide specialist advice and guidance at the site of origin before shipment.

We service a number of industries including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Agriculture and
  • Events.