CATSYS is an industry leading software solution specifically designed for the container transport and logistics industry globally.

Custom developed by Stevenson Logistics, CATSYS was launched in 2005. It has since become a globally recognised, industry leading software solution for the container transport and logistics sectors.

An end-to-end system offering full visibility

CATSYS is an integrated modular system that is designed to manage all container transport and logistics workflows. It is fully transparent. At any time, our clients can track the status of a job, access records, proof of delivery notifications (POD) and invoices..

Features include:

  • Client access 24/7 to job monitoring and tracking
  • Real time updates
  • Electronics POD’s with signature capture capability
  • Instant pre-invoice alterations to avoid any unexpected charges
  • Electronic audit trail providing unparalleled billing accuracy and transparency
  • Online document storage and transmission, including photos
  • Electronic Data Interface with compatible client systems facilitating direct file transfer
  • One-stop, container chain interface capability
  • Two-way electronic messaging
  • GPS tracking capabilities.

Supported by recognised in-house industry leading programmers, CATSYS continues to evolve as a state-of-the-art, global system.


Fast, efficient turnaround times helps save our clients’ time at Rous Head Terminal


  • Optical recognition cameras allowing our forklifts to have containers ready for loading before trucks even enter the yard
  • Turnaround time that continues to lead the industry combining the CATSYS technology with our eight truck entrances and a flow through yard design.