Gorgon Gas Project – Class ‘A’ Nature Reserve

Oil and Gas Logistics Solutions

Objective and Challenge

The Gorgon Gas Project is one of the world’s largest resource projects and is deemed a project of national significance. The project’s complexity is compounded by its location. Barrow Island is a Class ‘A’ Nature Reserve with some of the most stringent environmental protection guidelines in the world. It is home to numerous animals not found on Australian mainland, including the flatback turtle which is classified as a vulnerable species.

Protecting this environment, which has the highest level of environmental protection (‘A’ Class Reserve), is critical to the ongoing success of the project.


Stevenson Logistics provided end-to-end treatment services for the Gorgon project: plastic encapsulation, fumigation, washing, red tag, load restraint, lifts, fumigation and spraying services for goods and equipment in preparation for delivery to Barrow Island.

Our services help safe guard this sensitive Class ‘A’ Nature Reserve from prohibited material and the introduction of unwanted disease, pests and viruses.